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Single Malt Whiskey

September 8, 2019

Thinking thinking thinking and trying to find.

So many ideas in a scattering mind.

Where is clarity?

Calling from the tendrils of mist,

That wind through tunnels and oceans of thought.

What calls to be seen?

Does it fade out behind me?

I'd like to see where I was and where I am.

But those old footsteps are packed into storage.

Just a little hint of ponderings long gone, small wisps of history.

Immediacy of location and simultaneous catapulting across oceans to a nearer history.

What similarities, and mean while, what a shift!

This whiskey-centred chocolate and that Scottish pub last year.

Lost and lost and lost in thought,

Slow down old friend of mine!

Take note, breath in, feel weight in your skin.

Tick tock the seconds go by. -S.S.


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