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Inhabitance VI

Inhabitance VI explores MemoryDance's potential as a performative practice. Via verbal cues feeding through ear pieces, the dancers' attentions connect to a memory of a specific location they have experienced in their past. In stillness, their minds actively re-examine sensations from their remembered places. Slowly, the smallest, subtlest gestures arises, full of honesty, conviction and experience.


I was enthralled, and was curious to test the uninitiated audience's response. "An antidote to the chaos of life" was one comment that will always stay with me.

Inhabitance VI

This is a short excerpt from a 10 minute showing of Inhabitance VI at ‘Out of Bounds’ at WXYZ Studios in April 2022 (facilitated by Lucy Guerin Inc. & Temperance Hall). 

Location: Naarm/Melbourne, Victoria. Wurundjeri Woi-wurrung land.

Dancers: Rachel Mackie, Alexandra Dobson & Jazmyn Carter

Music: Sophia Kalo

Choreographer: Sarah Saxon

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